One of our main tasks is to help each client’s family unite itself around a set of core values and principles that constitute the family’s overall objectives. To define, articulate, implement and update these objectives is a delicate and essential task for every family that takes its responsibilities seriously, and it is an area where we know we can help.

MdF Family Partners has established a Family Governance Advisory Board acting as a specific client service team, in charge of overseeing the work that the firm provides to their families in areas such as:

  • Advice and consultancy on the design and implementation of their own FO structure.
  • Design and implementation of a Family Governance structure which takes into account all the interests involved and aims to articulate and implement the family’s principles and values, ensuring the necessary cohesion and successful transmission to future generations.
  • Exceptional organization of the family’s relations, assets and businesses; choice, design and implementation of the most appropriate legal structure, tax optimization strategy, civil and commercial organization, cash flow and divestment optimization, succession and generational handover.
  • Family council meeting organization and direction.

José María Michavila, Julia Téllez, Daniel Gómez and Javier Muguiro make up a board of professionals with proven experience in advising and directing successful family governance.

José Mª Michavila
José María Michavila MdF Family Partners 300x300

Founding and Managing Partner of MdF Family Partners; José María graduated with honours in Law from Universidad Complutense, where he also received a degree in Contemporary…

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Daniel Gómez
Daniel Gómez MdF Family Partners 300x300 2

Daniel started his professional career at La Seda de Barcelona, a chemical Company listed in the Madrid Stock Exchange. After two years, he moved on to work for family businesses, initially for…

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Javier de Muguiro
Javier de Muguiro MdF Family Partners 300x300

Javier worked for Chase Manhatten (MHT) between 1980 and 1986 where he assisted in the creation of the capital markets of fixed income, for whose formation he is to be accredited.

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Julia Téllez
Julia Tellez - MdF Family Partners

Julia has successfully advised more than 60 families in their family protocol and succession, 30% of them passing the baton from second to third generation, and 15% of them, after failed…

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