Simón Pedro Barceló, Consejo Asesor de MDF Family Partners

Simón Pedro Barceló

Lawyer graduating from Universidad de las Islas Baleares, he is co-chairman of tourism group Barceló. At age 23, he became Senator of the province of Mallorca serving from 1989 to 1993, when he joined the family group in which he has had a long trajectory reaching the role of co-chairman. During his career he has been chairman of Exceltur and board member of First Choice Holidays, and has been recognized on two occasions as the best entrepreneur of Baleares by the magazine Actualidad Económica, as entrepreneur of the year in Spain by E&Y, Caixa, IESE and Cinco Dias (in 2000) and best business manager in Spain by AE (2006). The board of Guiad of European Business Travel Agents also awarded him a special mention “to his global trajectory”. He is also vice-chairman of the publishing company of El Mundo-El Dia de Baleares, and in May 2008 has been elected as chairman of the Instituto de Empresa Familiar (a very well known and reputable association of the main family owned businesses in Spain).

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