MdF Family Partners has an Advisory Board which is composed of people with a recognized prestige, whose main activities and expertise in some cases lie in wealth management and advisory area, and in other cases lie in different areas or geographies but who share with us their knowledge, experience and view of the world.

Currently Carlos Colomer, Simón Pedro Barceló, Mel Lagomasino, Santiago Ulloa, Michael Zeuner and Ricardo Álvarez are the existing members of the Advisory Board .

Carlos Colomer
Carlos Colomer, Consejo Asesor de MDF Family Partners

PhD in Economics by Universidad de Barcelona and MBA in Business Administration by IESE, Carlos Colomer has had a long professional career linked to the Colomer Group and Revlon International, including roles of Chief Operation Officer of Revlon in New York for more than 10…

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Simón P. Barceló
Simón Pedro Barceló, Consejo Asesor de MDF Family Partners

Lawyer graduating from Universidad de las Islas Baleares, he is co-chairman of tourism group Barceló. At age 23, he became Senator of the province of Mallorca serving from 1989 to 1993, when he joined the family group in which he has had a long trajectory reaching the role of co-chairman.

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Mel Lagomasino
Mel Lagomasino, MdF Family Partners, WE Family Offices

Maria Elena (Mel) Lagomasino has worked with financially successful families for more than three decades.  As CEO and managing partner of WE Family Offices, a global family office serving ultra high net worth families, she engages client families to build their wealth enterprises and…

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Santiago Ulloa
Santiago Ulloa, MdF Family Partners, WE Family Offices

Santiago Ulloa has been working with wealthy families for more than two decades. As founder and one of WE’s three managing partners, Santiago is responsible for the firm’s overall international business strategy.  In 2000, Mr. Ulloa founded the firm’s predecessor….


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Michael Zeuner
Michael Zeuner, MdF Family Partners, WE Family Offices

Michael Zeuner – We Family OfficesMichael Zeuner has been serving wealthy families for more than two decades. As one of three managing partners of WE Family Offices, he oversees the firm’s US business strategy.  Michael is a nationally recognized leader in the…


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Ricardo Álvarez
Ricardo Álvarez, MdF Family Partners

Ricardo Álvarez is graduated in industrial engineering at Universidad Iberoamericana and holds an MBA from J.L. Kellogg School of Management as well as specialized studies in Corporate Government from ITAM and IPADE, where he completed the Senior Management Private Equity program…

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