The absolute independence of our services is guaranteed by five characteristics without which it would not be possible to guarantee the absence of conflict of interest nor the unique alignment of the interests of the families that we serve:

  • Independence in ownership: the founders of the company are professionals or families, they are not permitted to have a specific interest in any financial institution or product and no individual at any one time shall have direct or indirect control of the company
  • Independence of the product: At MdF Family Partners we do not have and will never have our own product to enforce on clients. The only interest is that each family should make the decisions and follow the strategies most appropriate for them and their specific interests
  • Independence in remuneration: MdF is paid fully through the independent advisory service provided for its clients by a fee depending on the service, one which is agreed with each family annually. MdF Family Partners gives back to each family the commissions, bonuses, fees or other income arising from the investment decisions of the families which it advises
  • Independence in activity: We have structured MdF as a company designed entirely to provide autonomous advice, without undertaking bank services, nor custodial, depositary, brokering or intermediation services etc
  • Independence of criteria: At MdF we rely upon our own team of analysts, their abilities and resources to provide an analysis and propose an investment strategy independent of any other market analysts, thinking only of what is most appropriate for each family to whom we commit our services

Independencia - MdF Family Partners