The management of endowments is very similar to the management of financial wealth for a family as the requirements of independence and professionalism are the same. Thus, MdF Family Partners offers these services to those charities and non-profit organizations that have significant wealth. Some of these organizations have their own team of people and in this case the team at MdF becomes a support network for those concerned. Whereas other organizations don’t have their own team and they chose to delegate a large part of the activity to MdF Family Partners. Both alternatives are equally valid and in both cases the services that MdF provides are as follows:

Private Investment Office

  • Develop a strategic wealth plan appropriate to the mission of each family or family branch
  • Translating of the mission and “roadmap” of the family wealth to a tailored Investment Policy Statement (IPS) as either an IPS for each family member or each family branch
  • Implementation of an IPS in a way agreed with the family: delegation, advising or execution. Design of a global strategy for allocating financial assets of all kinds. Establishment of a legal structure which best meets the family’s needs. Recommendation and selection of the necessary suppliers whilst monitoring, maintaining our guidance and keeping regularly updated
  • Specific investment services exclusively for one or more types of assets


Family Office Services

  • Consolidating reporting positions, analysis and monitoring of risks
  • Family accounting and portfolio company accounting
  • Controlling, monitoring and evaluating the banking relationships and portfolio management
  • Philanthropy
  • Negotiation of bank conditions and the selecting, monitoring and evaluation of custodian banks
  • Management and administration of insurance policies and bank accounts
  • Guidance and control of the issues related to the family economy (relationships with Social Security, taxes, etc.)