In many cases families with significant wealth decide to contract a group of specialists in assets management and advice, creating their own Family Office. However the services and content of each of these Family Offices are entirely unique, varying depending on the needs and the desires of the family. Should the family decide to do it themselves the costs are high and the demands of being up to date are complex. A very efficient alternative for these Family Offices is to use Mdf Family Partners as a trusted partner, in the assurance that there is a greater degree of independence, a total absence of conflict of interests and a constant contact with the entire global financial community. It is for the Family Office to determine the extent of the involvement of MdF Family Partners in each of the contracted services, so that the Family Office retains the power of decisions.

In these cases, MdF Family Partners offers the following:

Global Advice to Family Offices

  • Help in the design of the Family Office’s structure
  • Collaboration in the development of a strategic wealth plan appropriate to the specific mission for each family or family branch
  • Periodic review of the global financial situation and implications to the investment strategy
  • Recommendation and monitoring of asset managers in all or specified types of assets
  • Help in the negotiation of prices and economic conditions of suppliers, using the global purchasing power of MdF Family Partners
  • Reporting global and individual positions with different depositaries that may exist


Specific Services

Each Family Office has a different structure and way of acting. MdF Family Partners offers the possibility to contract one or many of the numerous services listed, so that the Family Office can improve the areas in which they have less interest to develop internally, and from which they see greater value of the services of MdF.

Additionally, if that is the case, MdF is willing to work with each Family Office to determine which level of service is needed in each field of business and to do so in a dynamic way, so that our team becomes an integral part of your own team.