Servicios - MdF Family Partners

The management of significant financial wealth is a complex task which requires specific skills and knowledge, different to those which generated such wealth. It is usual for families in those situations to constitute their own Family Office. However, given the complexity and costs that it entails, some families prefer to contract the services of MdF Family Partners, in the knowledge that they will receive the same independent and tailored advice that they would receive from their own team, aspects that only a company such as MdF can provide. In these cases, MdF Family Partners offers these families the following services:

Private Investment Office

  • Development of a strategic wealth plan, tailored to the specific mission for each family or family branch
  • Translating of the mission and “roapmap” of the family wealth into a tailored Investment Policy Statement (IPS) as either an IPS for each family member or family branch
  • Implementation of the IPS in a way agreed with the family: delegation, advising or execution. Design of a global strategy for allocating financial assets of all kinds. Establishment of a legal structure which best meets the family’s needs. Recommendation and selection of the necessary suppliers whilst monitoring, maintaining our guidance and keeping regularly updated
  • Specific investment services exclusively for one or more types of assets


Family Office Services

  • Consolidated reporting positions, analysis and monitoring of risks
  • Family accounting and portfolio company accounting
  • Controlling, monitoring and evaluating the banking relationships and portfolio management
  • Philanthropy
  • Negotiation of bank conditions and the selecting, monitoring and evaluation of custodian banks
  • Management and administration of insurance and bank accounts
  • Guidance and control of the issues related to the family economy (relationships with Social Security, taxes, etc.)


Family Governance Services

  • Advice and consultancy on the design and implementation of its own FO structure
  • Design and implementation of a family governance structure that takes into account all the interests involved and tries to carry out the principles and values of the family, ensuring the necessary cohesion and the successful transmission to future generations.
  • Exceptional organization of the family’s relations, assets and businesses; choice, design and implementation of the most appropriate legal structure, tax optimization strategy, civil and commercial organization, cash flow and divestment optimization, succession and generational handover
  • Family council meeting organization and direction