At MdF Family Partners we firmly believe that the families who are privileged enough to enjoy significant wealth have an important responsibility towards others.

MdF wants to help, support and give advice to those families who share our philosophy in their philanthropic projects. Furthermore we believe that humanitarian motives can create unity between members of a family. It is without doubt a way of reinforcing identity and familiar values.

We are more than happy to work with our clients in this area and want to do this without compensation.

All our partners have founded or are regular contributors to different charities. We welcome you to get to know some of them and the work which they carry out:


makeawishlogoMake-A-Wish® Spain (

A charitable trust, working in more than 40 countries, dedicated to helping seriously handicapped children. The charity was started with the aim of bringing hope to children suffering from serious disabilities, either hospitalized or linked to skilled healthcare providers, by enriching their lives through personal experiences of hope, strength and joy. The charity works systematically to incorporate institutions and create a network of social reinforcement around the child and their family, in order to build resilience within them.


fundacionpablologoFundación Pablo Horshman (

This charity is dedicated to aiding the development of third world countries, with an inclination towards projects involving particularly disadvantaged areas and sustainable development (projects assisting health and teaching). They form part of a team of people who believe that between us we can better the lives of people in need, and they have decided to act on making the world a more fair and peaceful place. They are convinced that to achieve a better world we all have parts to play, here and now. We have to trust in joint action, because those who have already contributed in one way or another in one of the charity’s projects have already helped to make someone’s dreams come true; Educating children when before there was no school, feeding children in danger of malnutrition, offering quality healthcare to those without medical assistance, giving a home to orphaned children and giving hope to all.


fundacionalaslogoFundación Alas (

A charity dedicated to promoting quality integral educational programs for Early Childhood Development (EDC) that could bring about changes in the public policies of Latin American governments. The objective of the charity is the involvement of Early Childhood Development in government agendas, the mobilization of resources and action around early childhood educational programs.

At the hands of their aides, the charity ALAS has expanded their mission in different countries with the promise of bringing beneficial change to children younger than 6 years old in vulnerable situations. Their work and commitment has led to situations where it has been possible to engage in direct implementation of early learning, reflect on areas and generate awareness.


fundaciontierrasantalogoFundación Tierra Santa (

This charity is dedicated to supporting the Christian Community present in Tierra Santa, through social and cultural projects, encouraging the conservation and the knowledge of sacred places in Spain through pilgrimages, publications and conferences.

Their social projects are intended for young Europeans, ethnic groups and religious minorities.

In addition to the conservation and protection of the cultural heritage of Tierra Santa, La Fundación Tierra Santa has a cultural purpose to spread historical Christian heritage, using all available means such as conferences, exhibitions, audiovisual and media platforms and the support of other entities who value the tangible and intangible Christian heritage.

Fundación Integra, MdF Family PartnersFundación Integra (

A charity dedicated to achieving the employment of people at risk of social exclusion and people with disabilities, working with social, public and private entities and businesses, to achieve their integration into society and their integral development. The charity collaborates with over 100 businesses and over 120 organizations, ONGs and social institutions, acting as a link between the social entities, which help people suffering from handicaps and the risk of social exclusion, and the companies who are willing to give them a second chance. The employment integration program begun in Madrid and has extended to Barcelona, Seville, the Balearic Islands, Valencia and Castellón, having employed more than 5,400 people, thanks to the charity’s integration program.

On October 27th 2015, Fundación Integra launched “INTEGRA Commitment” in Madrid: a network of companies and entities committed with socially responsible employment. The event gathered 200 national firms that have achieved nearly 8.000 employments for people at risk situations of social exclusion, and counted on the participation of Minister for Employment and Social Security , Mrs. Fátima Báñez, President of Fundación Integra, Mrs. Ana Botella and  Corporate Director of Bankia, Mr. Juan Chozas. MdF Family Partners, as part of this network, received at that event the award “INTEGRA Commitment”.


fundacionafranciscodevitorialogoFundación Altius Francisco de Vitoria (

The Charity Altius Francisco de Vitoria, supported by the University Francisco de Vitoria, is dedicated to promoting social action benefiting society’s most vulnerable people, aiding them in the battle against social exclusion, helping to strengthen third party social action. They promote and consolidate voluntary action in order to contribute and better their situation and their social, cultural and employment integration, as well as encouraging their education and cooperation.

The people in question are vulnerable social groups, families (young, teens, migrants, elderly, mothers, and people at risk of social exclusion and of society in general). Some of the activities that the charity carries out include: the assistance of people or families in situations of inequality and risk of social exclusion, acts of guidance, education and training to teens, the design and development of plans to ease the educational, social, employment and cultural integration of the people in need, action to sensitize the public opinion to the coexistence of natives and immigrants, the development of cultural exchange as educational and cooperative development and the promotion and training of volunteers. They also collaborate with private and public organizations, providing courses, conferences, seminars, symposiums, exhibitions and other educational activities.


logoufv1kilodeayudaUniversidad Francisco de Vitoria ( – Programa 1 Kilo de Ayuda (

The 1 Kilo de Ayuda is a program that has been running for 15 years and which obtains funds to support the projects which best help improve the situations of the people who need it most in the world. Their objective is to obtain and channel economic resources, and if necessary support with logistics, management and coordination, to back up specific projects of nutrition, education, health, infrastructure, disabilities and emergencies in Spain and globally. When charity was founded in June 1998 it introduced a new concept of solidarity: the possibility and ease of providing help all year round, through the purchase of a charity card in supermarkets across the country. Since then they have provided support to 375 development projects and 159 organizations all over the world which in turn have benefitted more than 515,000 people.

1 Kilo de Ayuda is managed by the Fundación Altius Mano Amiga (which has long trajectory in the management and coordination of aid projects, specializing in Latin America) and connected to the Fundación Altius Francisco de Vitoria.


logoestebangvigilFundación Esteban G. Vigil – Misioneras de María Mediadora (

Las Misioneras de María Mediadora are a family who came together in the name of the Father with the intention to reproduce, follow the Church and the word of God: “Love one another as I have loved you.” (Jn.15, 12).

Their own work is not only the initial proclamation of the Gospel but everything that is necessary in the field of essential Evangelization, in order to strengthen Christian Communities.

Integral education, catechism lessons, social and health care, clinics, home visits, human development, promotion of women, working with those who have been disparaged, displaced farmers, providing homes for orphans and working with the elderly, constantly working in the spirit of the Beatitudes. Wherever they are, they dedicate their work to the most poor and those most in need of their materials, their morals and their religious goods, performing their mission with an Ecclesiastical and Congregational Spirit on behalf of the Church.


MdF Family Partners, Funcación ADOFundación ADO (

Since its inception in 2005, this charity is dedicated to projects in the areas of care and preservation of environment, development and education of adult women, highway safety and security & volunteering. Among their accomplishments we can mention microenterprise development with groups of women who produce and trade handicrafts, sweets, pastries and naturopathic medicines, development of health in communities without access to health services, opening of a community for the education of women and their families, training in sustainable management of backyard growing vegetables for home consumption, collaboration in the development of ecotourism projects as alternative income in disadvantaged communities and protection of natural reserve areas.


MdF Family Partners, Fundación ParaLifeFundación ParaLife (

The ParaLife Charity’s mission is to achieve the inclusion of people with disabilities in society through employment, thus contributing to their economic stability. It was established in 2006 as an initiative of members of the company ParaLife Mexico in response to the inequality and lack of culture that exists within the employment of people with disabilities in Mexico. The Charity is based in Mexico City and its scope encompasses both Mexico City and the metropolitan area. The charity acts as a bridge between companies interested in giving people with disabilities a chance to work and the foundations, associations or institutions with people with disabilities who are interested in working.