WE Family Offices LLC and MdF Family Partners have entered into an Alliance agreement*.

WE Family Offices, with more than 70 years of joint experience from their executive team, works in order to serve UHNW families and individuals in a different way – by providing advice that is not colored by any agenda other than their needs and best interests. The founding members of the firm believe that wealthy families have a right to trust their advisors – to know they are being empowered and are not subject to an advisor’s agenda to sell a particular product or earn a commission on a particular transaction.

With a clear vocation to independent advisory, WE Family Offices provide their clients with a custom framework of family office services to their families – tailored to their specific needs, objectives and circumstances and implemented in a way that most benefits them.

WE Family Offices works closely with MdF Family Partners, bringing their depth of experience and buying power, together with their global investment perspective and contacts.

Our alliance was established with the purpose of providing complementary vision, analysis, strategy and platforms.

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(*) MdF Family Partners will not accept Alliance referrals of any U.S. person. Likewise MdF Family Partners will not refer any Spanish person to WE Family Offices

Mel Lagomasino
Mel Lagomasino, MdF Family Partners, WE Family Offices

Maria Elena (Mel) Lagomasino has worked with financially successful families for more than three decades.  As CEO and managing partner of WE Family Offices, a global family office serving ultra high net worth families, she engages client families to build their wealth enterprises and provides the support and control they need to manage their wealth as a business enterprise. She is a recognized leader in the wealth management industry, and is a founding member of the Institute for the Fiduciary…

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Santiago Ulloa
Santiago Ulloa, MdF Family Partners, WE Family Offices

Santiago Ulloa has been working with wealthy families for more than two decades. As founder and one of WE’s three managing partners, Santiago is responsible for the firm’s overall international business strategy.  In 2000, Mr. Ulloa founded the firm’s predecessor company, TBK Investments, Inc., to counsel and advise international high net worth families. Since that time, as one of the world’s foremost leaders in the family office industry, Santiago works with client families to enhance the…

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Michael Zeuner
Michael Zeuner, MdF Family Partners, WE Family Offices

Michael Zeuner – We Family OfficesMichael Zeuner has been serving wealthy families for more than two decades. As one of three managing partners of WE Family Offices, he oversees the firm’s US business strategy.  Michael is a nationally recognized leader in the family office industry and has dedicated his professional career to empowering financially successful families to manage their wealth.  In addition, Michael is a co-founder of the Institute for the Fiduciary…

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